Plugin Approval

For security, grant the tiki_p_plugin_approve permission only to trusted user groups. Use the Admin: Text Area page to deactivate potentially risky plugins.

This page lists the plugins that require validation, the first time they are encountered. Each plugin contains a unique signature that is preserved.

When you upgrade from an old version, you may need to reparse all the pages. Refresh

If a plugin is no longer in use (for example, it has been removed from the wiki page), use Clear to remove it from this list. The plugin will automatically be added if it is encountered.

Plugins can be individually previewed, approved, or rejected from the particular location that contains the plugin. For security, you should review each plugin to ensure it is safe to approve.

Plugin Location Added By
Wiki page: HomePage admin


Using Approve or Approve All will approve and activate the pending plugins. Use this feature only if you have verified that all the pending plugins are safe.